Focus on digitalization, commitment and execution

The pandemic has heightened the prominence of HR functions in organizations, and their strategic and business-critical impact has become clearer than was the case previously. A small number of organizations are making cuts regarding development – usually in industries that have been affected particularly badly by the pandemic. Otherwise, the needs are...



8 Ways to Better Manage Ambiguity and Uncertainty

As a manager, you’re supposed to be in charge, but of what? Shifting company strategy, markets changing with the wind, unclear priorities from your manager,...


The See-Do-Get model is one tool anyone can use to accept change. In this cycle, See are your paradigms or the way you see the world; Do is your behavior or...

8 Ways to Manage Remote Team Members More Effectively

It’s only fair that you manage your remote direct reports the same way you do those who are co-located, right? Actually, that would be unfair.

Leading Hybrid Teams

It's not uncommon for leaders to be concerned about remote workers' productivity. Remote workers, on the other hand, choose to work longer hours and thus are...

Unconscious Bias Overview

Unconscious Bias: Understanding Bias to Unleash Potential ™.

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