Focus on digitalization, commitment and execution

The pandemic has heightened the prominence of HR functions in organizations, and their strategic and business-critical impact has become clearer than was the case previously. A small number of organizations are making cuts regarding development – usually in industries that have been affected particularly badly by the pandemic. Otherwise, the needs are...



6 Virtual Leadership Best Practices

Does the world need one more blog post about managing teams remotely? Yes, exactly one more—this one.

6 Questions to Unlock a Coaching Mindset

We hear a lot about the need for coaching as a leadership competency.

3 Things Every Leader Needs to Know About Trust - The # 1 Leadership Competency

In his 1996 book Trust: Human Nature and the Reconstitution of the Social Order, Stanford political scientist Francis Fukuyama described the difference between...

How the Best Leaders Ignite  Intelligence

In her research, leadership expert Liz Wiseman made a crucial discovery: There’s far more intelligence and energy inside organizations than we realize.

Plan every week

Effective people plan every week, and you can too. Take 30 minutes, before the week begins, and go through these three steps:

The Power of Being Persuadable

Being willing to change your mind requires vulnerability and humility. It takes courage and patience to be open to influence.

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