Focus on digitalization, commitment and execution

The pandemic has heightened the prominence of HR functions in organizations, and their strategic and business-critical impact has become clearer than was the case previously. A small number of organizations are making cuts regarding development – usually in industries that have been affected particularly badly by the pandemic. Otherwise, the needs are...



Begin with the End in Mind

To begin with the end in mind means to start every endeavor with clearly defined outcomes.

Set realistic goals

There is no point in leading if you don't know where you're going or why you're doing what you do.

Make High-Impact Commitments

The effectiveness of a goal depends on the consistency of the commitments. You’ll need to guide your team in making commitments that have the highest possible...

Practice, practice, practice

We all have things we could improve on. Whether that's on hard skills like learning computer programming or soft skills like relationship building, we need to...

Right Wrongs

When you break a promise, is your first instinct to defend yourself, rationalize, minimize, or ignore it altogether?

Plan every week

Effective people plan every week, and you can too. Take 30 minutes, before the week begins, and go through these three steps:

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